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Harry Houdini | King of Cards

Harry Houdini | King of Cards

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This reproduction of the "Harry Houdini: King of Cards" poster transports us back to 1895, a time when Houdini was captivating audiences with his masterful card tricks and illusions. This color lithograph, originally crafted by the National Printing and Engraving Company in Chicago, is as much a work of art as it is a piece of history. The poster, adorned with intricate and vibrant illustrations, showcases Houdini's flair and charisma, immortalizing him as the undisputed king of cards. This reproduction poster is a must-have for anyone drawn to the mesmerizing world of magic, or for those who admire the enduring allure of Houdini's grand illusions.

This satin poster brings all your artwork and ideas to life on top-tier quality 210 gsm satin paper. With a low-glare satin finish, your custom artwork can be exquisitely showcased in any indoor environment. Available in multiple sizes to best match your vision.

.: 210gsm satin paper
.: Horizontal and vertical options
.: Low-glare finish
.: For indoor use only



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