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Chicago World's Fair | 1833 to 1933 | Century of Progress Statues

Chicago World's Fair | 1833 to 1933 | Century of Progress Statues

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The 1933 Chicago World's Fair poster, a reproduction of the original, is a captivating piece of historical artwork that captures the optimism and grandeur of the Century of Progress International Exposition. The poster is dominated by three imposing statues standing tall in the forefront, embodying the pioneering spirit of the time. These figures stand amid a backdrop of a dynamic cityscape, bathed in the glow of resplendent skylights, a vivid symbol of the technological advancements that the Fair sought to showcase. An elegant fusion of Art Deco design and futurism, the poster is a striking reminder of an era that envisaged a bright future through scientific discovery and human ingenuity.

This satin poster brings all your artwork and ideas to life on top-tier quality 210 gsm satin paper. With a low-glare satin finish, your custom artwork can be exquisitely showcased in any indoor environment. Available in multiple sizes to best match your vision.

.: 210gsm satin paper
.: Horizontal and vertical options
.: Low-glare finish
.: For indoor use only



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